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As the leader in the cinema exhibition industry, it is not surprising that PVR has a loyal audience base that prefers PVR over any other cinema. And it is not without reason. PVR has ensured that they not just satisfy their customers, but delight them with their heady mix of cinema watching experience with grandiosity. PVR has nothing but the best to offer to its customers – plush ambience, luxurious seating, highest quality 2K digital cinema technology, 7.1 Dolby surround sound, delectable spread of F&B and superb service. PVR Cinemas Advertising has become immensely popular and forms a part of the media mix for many media planners.

PVR offers unique cinematic experiences to its audiences. They believe in serving every patron’s need through various cinema formats varying from PVR Talkies to PVR Director’s Cut. Each format offered by PVR has something unique to offer to its meticulously filtered TG. This ready segmentation done by PVR works like a dream for marketers who want to target very specific TGs with precise targeting options. Many brands are using this viable and highly impactful targeting opportunity and are advertising in PVR cinemas regularly.

If your target market is from SEC A1, A2, B1 and B2, there’s no denying the wonders that advertising in PVR can do for you. There are a number of advantages of advertising in PVR. Mentioned below are some facts which elucidate the highlights that PVR advertising has to offer-

PVR is India’s largest cinema chain
PVR’s TG consists of affluent audiences. Patrons pay as much as eight times more for a PVR ticket than that at a single screen cinema.
Ads can be featured offering a holistic experience engaging all senses as PVR has the best in class technology
Comfortable ambience tunes the mindset of the audience to absorb marketing communication
World class audio visual output enlivens advertisements
PVR enjoys a loyal customer-base which can vouch for its superiority over competing cinemas
PVR properties are positioned strategically to suit the socio-economic background of the locality.
Precise targeting is possible due to the various cinema formats offered by PVR
Most PVR cinemas are situated in malls. Hence, advertising in PVR cinemas comes loaded with the proximity advantage for high end brands which have retails outlets in the malls. This offers the advantage of hyperlocal marketing.

There is evidence that PVR is far ahead of the pack and has taken pioneering initiatives to garner this kind of leadership position. 71 million people come to PVR Cinemas and in terms of cinema revenues, PVR is perhaps bigger than some of the publications. PVR is also bigger than some of the channels for the kind of advertising revenues that it makes.
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The numerous testimonials from brands which advertise in PVR are evidence of the advantages of advertising in PVR. Khushi is the preferred agency of PVR for cinema advertising. Contact us to know more about advertising in PVR cinemas. Reach out or miss out!

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