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Raymond, the noted manufacturer, marketer and retailer of high quality apparel and accessories wished to tread the non-traditional path to communicate with their TG for their Festival Collection and All White Men’s Collection. They wanted to reach out to their target audience in a manner befitting their customary avant-garde style and also to use mediums which would accentuate the visual appeal of their fabrics. Their Festival Collection and All White Men’s Collection promised to be a huge hit and Raymond wanted to ensure that their communication reached their precise target market close to the point of sale.

In conjunction with their AOR agency, MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd., they zeroed in on running a widespread multiplex branding campaign across 35 multiplexes pan India. MOMS Outdoor Media Solutions Pvt. Ltd. partnered with Khushi to deliver this campaign in the most effective manner. MOMS was confident that Khushi’s vivacious life-sized slim backlit media 4×7 feet placed at strategic positions in multiplexes would grab maximum impressions. This branding campaign of Raymond demanded a medium which would highlight the elegance of Raymond’s Festive and All White Men’s Collection. The slim backlit media served as the perfect platform and would prove to be a prudent choice of medium for the campaign. The campaign which commenced during Diwali was set to run until the end of the year.

The objective of the campaign was to deliver nuanced reach to the target market in the vicinity of Raymond’s showrooms. This campaign allowed Raymond to target prospective customers very close to the point of sale. They did branding in those multiplexes in malls, which also housed their outlets. This offered them the perfect opportunity to leverage the visitor profile of the mall, which is their precise target market. Raymond is confident that these kind of innovative advertising campaigns helps keep customers engaged. Raymond perfectly timed their campaign to coincide with the festivities of Diwali and New Year celebrations when people are in the festive spirit and multiplexes witness a surge in the number of footfalls. The increased footfalls coupled with the novelty of the media made the cost-benefit ratio of this campaign favourable as it delivers overall effective reach.

Khushi specialises in providing innovative solutions to clients based on their objective and requirements. We take pride in being the fastest growing ambient advertising agency in India. We leverage our expertise in cinema advertising, shopping mall advertising, airport advertising, advertising in gyms, advertising in coffee shops, etc. to provide our clients the best solutions for their advertising needs.

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