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Reaching Your Target Audience with Effective Airport Advertising

Reaching Your Target Audience with Effective Airport Advertising

Time has become a huge constraint in people’s lives and as a result of that, people are trying to save time as much as possible, especially in transportation. What that has led to is a drastic increase in the number of people travelling by air on an annual basis which means more people at airports. This is why airports have become a hub for advertising especially in India where the airfares are becoming slightly cheaper, seat occupancy in flights is becoming higher and the audience diversified.

To make your advertisements through this channel more rewarding, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Every piece of real estate at an airport holds a unique significance from a marketing standpoint. A lot of people don’t realize that airports are great for both B2B as well as B2C advertising depending upon where you are placing the ad. Once companies acknowledge this fact, everything can be done strategically and their marketing efforts won’t go in vain.

B2B works especially well at airports as a lot of people are travelling on business purposes and there is a high chance that they are in a decision-making position where they work. These people are also very aware of their surroundings so they are more likely to respond to these advertisements and the conversion rate will be thus be higher. They will immediately look it up online if it concerns them which is how this will complement your other advertising channels. Sometimes, these people also have huge social media following and a single post about your product could simply skyrocket your sales.

As mentioned earlier, an increased percentage of people belonging to different economic demographics have started to travel by air. What this means is a chance for companies to advertise an increased variety of products at airports keeping them in mind. Here too, the key lies in placement. Placing ads near a store or coffee shop will fetch you more attention versus an ad placed in the middle of nowhere. A lot of consumer brands are making the most of this change and this will only continue to rise.

In this age of globalization, airports are a highly underrated but very profitable advertising medium. Returns from this channel are only going to rise in the years to come and companies who take advantage of this sooner will rise above the competition sooner than anyone would imagine. Consumers too are going to have a nice trip with lots to consider over the course of their journey.

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