Experiential marketing is touted as the hot new trend in promotions, but it has always existed in some form or other. Even if you look at advertising campaigns in the mid or early 90s, using a professional mascot service to interact face to face with people has always been a cool strategy. Setting up kiosks at strategic locations, promotional SMS sent on phones, or the branding displays on sports jerseys, all represent different types of direct interaction.

Things of concern

However, with greater accessibility to wi fi, interactive illumination, sensors, and other advanced digital technology, modern experiential marketing is constantly evolving. The motto now is to deliver a greater virtual involvement in a highly gratifying way to the people. The success achieved definitely proves that experiential marketing is the most important ingredient in advertising world. Nevertheless, as always everything essentially depends on working with a good service. There is an expansive scope entailed in media buying when you are sure of the agency’s proficiency. Just make sure that the agency is a good one by the following markers described.

(i)   Judging by the communication: One thing leads to another and everything is connected. As experiential marketing is mainly about developing a rewarding interaction with people, the communicative responsiveness of the agency should serve as an indicator of the expected experience. Do they communicate so well as to elicit full confidence? You may have gotten finally to the right people.

(ii)   Advanced digital interaction: As mentioned above, the preferred agency must have necessary resourcefulness for advanced digital interaction. For instance, sensors can be used for a wide range of creative purposes. People find this invisible interaction very entertaining. Combining sensor technology with creative graphics can definitely go a long way when executed correctly. Look out for other experiential marketing ideas such as interactive illumination and using charming recordings by voice artists. There is no dearth of ideas really, and all it takes is to have a creative mind from the best advertising companies in India to figure them out and execute interestingly.

(iii)   Non-digital interaction: Not all interaction needs to be digitized as well. The idea is to develop a captivating engagement with the audience. It can be anything from a free medical checkup camp to giving free rides to people in a decorated branded vehicle. The main idea to engage people and make them feel that their time was well spent. People should feel respected and appreciated for their participation.