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Reasons for advertising in shopping centres

Reasons for advertising in shopping centres

In today’s world, shopping centres have become big business as they have a multi-storey structure that houses many shops selling various products as well as services. Being a shopping destination for many people, the idea of advertising in shopping centers has gained momentum in the recent years.

Advertising in shopping centres comes with a lot of advantages. Hence this mode of advertising is preferred by many business houses who want to make their products known to a wide range of customers. Advertising in shopping malls provides access to desirable and captive audience of customers who are already ready to spend money.

There are various ways in which one can choose to advertise in shopping centres. The advertisement can be done via store directories, wall-mounted and free-standing displays, kiosks, electronic billboards or screens, banners, mall billboard ads, murals and posters, floor graphics among others.

It is best to  capitalize on slow-moving foot traffic and get the advertising messages noticed in areas such as food courts, concourses, escalators and elevators, mall and parking garage entrances, play areas and sitting areas, anchor stores and their entrances.

In other form of outdoor advertising the audience is actually doing something else too while viewing the advertising such as driving past the site and most of the time they are not in shopping mood then. However, in case of advertisement in shopping centres the audience goes specifically to look for product information and also with the intention of spending money. Hence advertisement done there provides great advantages to many advertisers who would like to generate more profit by attracting as many customers as possible.

Shopping centres attract lots of people of all age groups who prefer going to shopping centres for several reasons such as range of outlets, easy parking, easy access, entertainment and eating facilities, protection from elements, safe secure environment among several other reasons too. Hence advertising here can definitely help to raise awareness and also to drive sales.

Moreover advertising companies in India try their best to create attractive displaying pattern of advertising so as to catch the attention of the people visiting the shopping centres. The advertisements catch the attention not only because of the colourful display but also because of the fact that the advertisements are displayed exactly at the level where they should be placed. Also the advertisements that are done in shopping centres are done according to the taste and preference of the shoppers of that region. Hence the advertisers end up attracting a lot of customers and improving revenue.

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