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“Increase your Reach & Impact with Cinema Advertising”

Is it the film itself or the advertising that accompanied it that has the most steadying influence on our thoughts? While many of us will still have to recollect the story or scenes of the movie, at an instant we can recall the advertisement for anti-smoking campaigns done by many celebrities that is shown before the movie starts.


Cinema advertising relates to the on-screen and off-screen branding that customers see in theatres; it is often viewed as a short audio-visual commercial before the film begins, as posters in movie theatres, and so on. It has always been a very successful marketing medium.


Why Cinema Advertising? There Are  Various Benefits:


  • – The message has a “larger-than-life” impact on enormous movie displays.
    – The audience is a massive audience since they cannot change channels or flick through the pages of a print advertisement and are unlikely to leave during commercials.
    – Cinema advertising is seen by an audience that is likely to be focused on the screen or the cinema hall environment.
    – Cinema advertising ensures a longer attention span, allowing the message to be transmitted more effectively.
    – Cinema, with its vast localized reach across India, is perfectly suited to reaching out to both a small geographical area and the entire country.
    – A world-class sound system has been installed in the theatre.
    It is more beneficial to combine cinema advertising with TV promotions.
    – Including cinema in the media plan expands its effective reach.
    – In movies, media planners can target TV ad avoidance schemes.
    – Marketers reduce media waste by localizing advertising in theatres.
    – Cinema attracts a young audience.
    – In movies, personalized pin-code advertising is feasible.
    – Cinema is the simplest advertising medium.
    – Cinema is the only advertising medium that offers on-screen advertising, branding, sampling, unique advertising, and activations in every location in India.
    – In the long run, cinema advertising is incredibly cost-effective.
    Cinema advertising successfully boosts brand and message memory.
    Marketers employ cinemas for hyper-local advertising.
    – Cinema advertising is the superior alternative to ordinary advertising.
    – Cinema advertising has the lowest cost per effective contact.
    – To boost commercial recall, on-screen material might employ full sight, sound, and motion.
    – Unlike radio, cinema does not require a high frequency to have an effect—once with a decent ad will be enough because the audience is so involved in this circumstance.
    – The linkage of an advertisement with movies on the large screen in full color typically boosts the business image of the marketer.
    – Ads are placed near the point of purchase because cinemas are located near or in suburban shopping malls and other high-profile retail districts.
    – A demographic profile based on the cinema’s geographic location can be used to target campaigns.

As a result, a healthy ecosystem has emerged, providing a platform for companies to engage with consumers in the most powerful way possible. The great aspect of cinema advertising is that it caters to a targeted community. It also allows you to advertise in certain regions with various pitches.


The expansion in the number of multiplex screens across the country has provided a significant benefit to the evolution of in-cinema advertising. There is also widespread acknowledgment among the advertising and media purchasing communities. Cinema advertising provides a large audience that is more interested when an advertisement is playing.


Other important factors include infrastructure improvements and more footfall. Prior to every release, production houses invest in creative marketing and promotion initiatives, creating a lot of excitement for the movie. All of this contributes to massive crowds flocking to cinemas, which results in a huge audience for cinema advertising.


Possibilities Of In-Cinema Advertising

– On-screen slides: On-screen slide booking has been India’s leading multiplexes and single-screen cinema medium for marketing.
– On-Screen Ad Films: Bringing companies to the forefront by displaying on-screen advertisements that emphasize them with larger-than-life displays
– In-lobby Signage: Hoardings, posters, kiosk marketing, restroom branding, window clings, floor graphics, and lobby screens are all examples of promotional materials..
– Sampling: Flyers, vouchers, and mini-applications are used to get advertisements directly into the hands of the desired audience.
– Seat Branding: Customers’ chairs have advertisements placed behind them, improving brand exposure and sales opportunities.
– Box-office Branding: Ticket Jacket Ads, Display Ads, Posters, and so forth are getting right into the hands of moviegoers.


Why Should You Work With Khushi Advertising?

Khushi Advertising is India’s one-stop destination for cinema advertising. We provide the most complete on-screen advertising strategy, branding, activation, and innovations to help you achieve your goals. Khushi Advertising was chosen by PVR, INOX, Cinepolis, Carnival Cinemas, and other multiplex chains as their preferred advertising partner.


We have firmly established ourselves in 2700+ multiplex screens across India, ensuring that you benefit from all of the key advantages that cinema advertising provides, including an uninterrupted, optimistic, and responsive state of mind of the affluent; a huge audience; extremely precise targeting; and limitless creative opportunities. Our operations staff of more than 70 people spread across 22 offices in India guarantees that each regional and national cinema campaign is executed flawlessly. This is one of the primary reasons why many corporates, retail clients, and media agencies in India regard Khushi Advertising as the most trustworthy cinema advertising firm.

Advertising & Branding options in 


  • Static / mute slide
  • Audio slide
  • Ad film


  • Arch gate
  • Signage at entrance, ticket counter
  • Seat branding
  • Cut-outs
  • Standees
  • Ticket jackets
  • Flyers and pamphlets
  • Branding in elevators, washrooms, snack counters
  • Kiosk activation / product display / product sampling to give the patrons a chance to see, feel and experience the brand
  • Façade hoarding
  • Backlits
  • Parking

Advantages of cinema advertising

  • Cinema provides larger-than-the-life audio visual display
  • Cinema is equipped with world-class sound system
  • Cinema provides a captive target audience to brand
  • Cinema advertising mixed with TV campaigns are more effective
  • Adding cinema into media plan increases effective reach
  • Media planners can target TV ad avoiders in cinemas
  • Marketers eliminate media-spend wastage by localized advertising in cinema
  • Cinema provides young demographic
  • Pin-code specific advertising is possible in cinemas
  • Cinema is the most uncluttered medium to advertise
  • Cinema is the only advertising medium which provides on-screen advertising, branding, sampling, innovative advertising & activations at every location spread across India.
  • Cinema advertising is very cost effective in long term investment
  • Cinema advertising increases brand & message recall very effectively
  • Cinema is used by marketers for Hyper local advertising
  • Cinema advertising is the best alternative to plain Jane advertising
  •  Cost per effective contact is best with cinema advertising


Sponsorship, leasing and block booking

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