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Digital AmbientDigital Ambient

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Digital Ambient

The new age ambient media solutions to communicate & engage with a real audiences in real time

Our Digital Ambient Media options are here to help your brand engage with existing customers & prospects in cinemas, malls, airports, coffee shops, hypermarkets & other POS outlets.

The digital media options are:

(1)  Digital Signage

(2)  Digital Pods


Digital Signage

With over 10,500+ units of digital signage installed at unavoidable locations in premium multiplexes & malls, 20+ airports, and 100+ CCD outlets, Khushi offers your brand the right TG with all the time you want to communicate, engage & impress them. The advantage of Digital Signage advertising is that you get an opportunity to revise your creativity in real time, morning messages can be different than afternoon and evening. Be versatile with Digital Ambient and convert as many prospects you can in the targeted locations across India

The Digital Screens are installed or placed very strategically in multiplex chains to get maximize eyeballs, and with an average of 4 – 15 units of Digital Signage at each property, your brand is surely going to become a hit.

Let’s say no to the use of plastic, mounting, and pasting charges, let’s go #DigitalAmbient


Digital Pod

Leverage over 100+ Digital PODs installed at 10+ airports & premium malls in major cities.

Digital PODs grab attention as they are placed very strategically in locations that are unavoidable and installed at eye level. Brands can play mute videos, and static communication & use the PODs for awareness & CTA objectives at the available target locations

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