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“Influence and engage with the affluent shoppers throughout
the year with best shopping malls across India.”

Malls have evolved over the years and today they offer a complete retail and leisure experience as they house multiplexes, food courts, spas, entertainment zones, and other family attractions besides the high-end retail stores. Shopping malls are a favorite amongst the elite class and youngsters who are brand conscious. Naturally, advertising at shopping malls is an attractive medium for advertisers who wish to target this specific category of customers.


Advantages of shopping mall advertising


They can help the marketer to achieve the following –

1. Create/increase brand awareness

1.  Reinforce brand positioning

3.  Target specific TGs in specific locations or areas

4.  Influence purchase decision

Khushi Advertising is the leading mall advertising agency in India


  • Façade Hoarding
  • Glass Façade
  • Arch Gate
  • Drop Down
  • Frisking kiosk
  • Escalator
  • Standee
  • Backlits
  • Elevator Branding
  • Danglers
  • Parking
  • Food Court
  • Washroom branding
  • Conceptual Innovations & Activations
  • Kiosks & promotions
  • Sampling
  • Branding at the cash counters