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“We are helping brands associate and integrate with the most incredible storytelling medium – FILMS!”

Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images – Steven Bochco


Remember ‘Rajdoot’ in the Film Bobby? Or ‘Pepsi’ in the Film Taal? Or ‘Wilson’ in Cast Away. Have you noticed how they have stitched the product to the story seamlessly and how it’s made the brand recall so strong?


Brand association and film integration have become the new mantra in product awareness and recall. Every frame in a film is an opportunity, and every Film is an opportunity to associate with a brand.


We at Khushi Advertising offer dynamic marketing collaborations with films to create the impact you desire. Our partnerships with top production houses and blockbuster movies will allow you to introduce your product or service to your audience nationally and globally.


Our connecting principles are based predominantly on the desire and how brands affect consumption, influence consumers, and join seamlessly into the story narration. Our key strategy and the ultimate objective will be to showcase and expose the brand to the audience in the right way and increase visibility and recall.


With movies becoming the only mass entertainment media and the Indian Film Industry churning out more than 1000 movies every year, here is a robust platform that can work wonders for your products/ services.


With our years of experience in cinemas, malls, and airport advertising and working with most of the top brands in India across categories, we believe and envisage providing complete marketing and branding solutions for your brand.


Sounds exciting? Call us today, we would love to meet you and discuss the opportunity.