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Shopping Malls – The Perfect Avenue for Experiential Marketing

Shopping Malls – The Perfect Avenue for Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing is all about creating the right buzz at the right place at the right time. It is about creating an experience that the customer can take away with him and talk about to his friends and family. One of the best places to conduct an experiential marketing campaign is undoubtedly a shopping mall. A shopping mall offers the perfect setting to carry out activations. Apart from plain shopping mall advertising which can have all the innovative advertising possibilities, one of the best ways to attract the attention of the shoppers is to carry out an innovative experiential marketing campaign in the mall premises. By combining a high-end shopping experience with experiential marketing, conducive ambience is paired with personal touch – resulting in a fully immersive, unforgettable brand activation.

At the very core, a large section of the Indian shopping population remains one which believes in ‘seeing is believing’. There is nothing more gratifying than being able to get a feel of the product or to be able to try it out before making a purchase decision. Now that’s where experiential marketing can help: it gives an opportunity to the user to touch, feel, see and probably try the product.

Here’s the reason why experiential marketing works so well in a shopping mall-

1.   Ambience – the shopping mall is a place where the shoppers are pocket-heavy and in a frame of mind to shop. Plus, the pace is unhurried. The ambience is comfortable and inviting. This offers the perfect setting to undertake an activation or an experiential marketing initiative. The atrium or any other suitable space in the mall can be selected to conduct the activity.

2.   Ambience – Appealing to the ‘experiential’ consumer – Experiential marketing appeals to those who are interested in trying new things. Whether it’s a new food product or a new phone, consumers will be inclined to consider a purchase because they get to experience the brand first hand. Also, they will walk away with a positive brand experience which will encourage them to share their experiences with others through positive WOM.

3.   Ambience – Relationship building – Experiential marketing allows for a deeper, more genuine relationship with consumers, enabling them to feel a connection with your brand rather than simply being exposed to it. This sets the foundation for establishing long-term advocacy for your brand.

4.   Ambience – Distinguishing your brand – Executing an experiential campaign helps you to cut through the clutter of the other traditional media. You can be certain that people will not only see your message, they will also remember it. By inviting consumers to take part in an experience, you can develop a competitive advantage, while simultaneously building brand awareness among the TG.

The best experiential marketing agencies can provide innovative experiential marketing ideas which can generate buzz through crowd participation and word of mouth.

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