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Smartest advertising via cinema

Smartest advertising via cinema

If a business house is ready to get the word out about its business to the world, one of the important steps that need to be taken is to select the right advertising medium where the business will be promoted.

For any business providing goods and services, every penny is important. Also, the amount that is spent on advertising is not without any purpose but to get as much return as possible on the investment that they made on advertising. The advertising campaign should result in more profit, greater sales and healthier bottom line.

While there are number of ways to promote the products of your business, three important questions needs to be asked before zeroing in on any particular advertising medium:

(i)   Who are the target buyers?

(ii)   What is the best medium to reach them?

(iii)   Can the brand launch an effective campaign using the medium selected?

Selecting the right medium goes a long way in generating more customers for the company.  Apart from other mediums of advertising that can be used to reach a large section of the population, cinema advertising is also a very important medium which can deliver massive audiences to the advertiser. Moreover it is a sophisticated media that offers creative and unique opportunities to build atmosphere, convey emotion and also fully engage the viewers. Brands have tried to take advantage of movie theatre audiences for as long as the industry has been around.

There are various advertising agencies who can be contacted for advertising in various big cinema houses such as advertising in INOX, PVR cinemas advertising and so on. Such advertising agencies provide comprehensive on-screen advertising plans, activation & innovations, branding so as to achieve the objective of the brands for which the advertisement is being done. Advertising and branding via cinema can be done in multiplexes or single screen cinemas. Advertisers can choose between on-screen or off-screen mode of advertising.

Cinema advertising agencies in Mumbai, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and other parts of the country give the option of going for on-screen advertisement through ad film, audio slide and static/mute slide. Off-screen is more about cut-outs, seat branding, signage at entrance, ticket counters, arch gates, ticket jackets, standees, flyers and pamphlets, façade hoardings, branding in elevators, washrooms, snack counters, kiosk activation and so on.

The incredible audio output and expansive screen of cinemas can be great production assets when cinema-based advertisement is created. Due to the fact that there are longer time frame, cinema advertisement can take a more narrative approach and allow the creators to take plot risks that conventional television spots rarely allow. If the advertisement is done properly, it can result in a visually appealing ad that the audiences will remember for a long time even after the film is over.

Cinema advertising also allows organizations and businesses to directly market their products or services to their audiences. While in case of television advertising the advertisement is viewed by one and all, in case of cinema advertising the advertisers succeeds in targeting particular audiences. It also comes with another advantage i.e. unlike internet or television advertising cinema goers can’t change the channel or opt out of viewing. Hence advertisers get to send home a forceful message about a product or service.

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