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Star Plus Makes Waves




Client: Star India Pvt Ltd

Brand: Star Plus Kullfi Kumar Bajewala (KKB)

Location: 10 cities in north India

Duration: 1 week

Target Audience:   – For branding campaign: SEC A, A+ in Delhi NCR

– For activation: SEC B, B+, HSM in major cities in Uttar Pradesh

Communication objectives: To create brand awareness and brand visibility  for the upcoming TV show Kullfi Kumar Bajewala”

Creative idea:  Branding campaign – The idea to focus on the child protagonist and her ubiquitous transistor, with an innovative twist.

Activation campaign – Activation was conceptualised keeping in mind that the show would hugely appeal to audiences in major towns of Uttar Pradesh like Lucknow and Kanpur and hence every nook and cranny of these towns had to be reached.

Uniqueness of execution:

Branding campaign – The standees placed in multiplex foyers, which had cut-outs of the child protagonist with her transistor had an audio system was fitted just behind the transistor, out of the view of the audience. This audio system played out the 30-second title track of the show along with the show telecast details every 30 seconds. The strategic placement of the audio system created an illusion that the transistor was playing the music.

Activation campaign – Hyperlocal mobile activation was done on the streets using e- rickshaws with branding elements of the show. 3 such e-rickshaws manoeuvred the lanes and bylanes of each of these cities, creating buzz and hype around the show


KKB branded Audio Standee – 1.93 Lacs Eyeballs

KKB branded E-Rickshaw Activity – 5.3 Lacs Eyeballs