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The Great Effects Of Experiential Marketing

The Great Effects Of Experiential Marketing


Experiential marketing has been used for a long time, but it has become a lot more popular in recent times, and of course, for all the good reasons. It is considered one of the most effective kinds of marketing, and undoubtedly, there is a big reason for it.

Experiential marketing, as the name suggests, is all about creating a memorable experience for your target audience. This experience should evoke the same experience your brand offers, this is exactly what you want your audience to remember you for. And as more and more brands become aware of the advantage of such creative ways of advertising, they realize the importance of Experiential marketing.  

You must be wondering what advantages are we talking about…, so let us tell you how experiential marketing can help your company, and also, give you a great example of

Benefits Of Experiential Marketing

  1. It has great potential to set your brand apart. Being a different kind of advertising, it really stands out and attracts the eyes of your target audience. 
  2. Since people love to share their best experiences on social media. If you give them a great experience you won’t even have to spend much on social media marketing. It is where your experiential marketing and your social media marketing will meet organically. 
  3. If your Experiential Marketing idea is really creative, it can also have a great ability to grab the attention of media and influencers. 
  4. Experiential Marketing generates a very personal experience since it is easier for people to truly experience what your company has to offer. With a personal experience like this, you also get an advantage of word of mouth marketing as well. 
  5. One of the great Experiential Marketing ideas include giving your product to your audience, so they have a good idea of your product. Nothing beats experiencing a product or service in person. And isn’t that what makes such Experiential Marketing ideas are for… to create a lasting memory in the minds of your potential customers.

Let us take you through a great experiential marketing idea and how it helped Volkswagen distinguish itself from its competitors. 

We can all agree to the fact that if an activity looks fun, we will at least try it. And that’s what Volkswagen did, their fun activity involved a piano staircase. Yes, a regular subway staircase with a piano key made on each step. As people went up and down the staircase the steps produced different notes. 

You must be wondering how it helped the company, well the result of this experiential marketing idea was that most people chose the staircase over the escalator. And all those who chose the staircase received an unforgettable experience. An experience that would always remind them of Volkswagen.

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