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Three branding trends that will change the way you think about brand building

Three branding trends that will change the way you think about brand building

Brand building is inevitable in the fiercely competitive business scenario today. As the brand owner of your company, you want to make it known to as many people as possible. There are several ways of doing it, but the service provider you hire chooses the best channel suitable to your marketing needs. Experts say that it is always good to keep a close watch on the latest trends that prevail. Good insight can be established thus, to beat the competition. Here are three branding trends other than Innovative advertising, that will govern the minds of everyone.

(i) Reports say that there is a paradigm shift in the way people think about brand building. Earlier, the approach was to establish a brand bigger than others. Now Media agencies in India realize that it is quite difficult to make effective brand-building by just highlighting, “how my brand is superior to yours”. Rather, now there is a trend of identifying brand peculiarities and putting them to the right audience with a right perspective. Thus, it is possible to build the brand for a particular set of people, but the establishment is everlasting. Making a brand a “must have” or “inevitable” for a subset of consumers is much better than making it a face in the crowd.

(ii) Effectively communicating more and more about the brand is another success mantra. Whether it is for a certain set of people or generic communication, companies develop interesting content that occupies the mind. The campaigns talk about dreams, passions and interests of people and relate the brand characteristics to it. Experts say that when a brand touches the aspirations of people, it is just not possible to forget about it. Seasoned marketing executives make use of the fact intelligently, and effectively. Content development by Top Media agencies in India is nowadays is based on this concept.

(iii) Making it “larger than life” is another trend which establishes the brand identity firmly. For example – Iodized Salt doesn’t remain the essential food item, but a powerful tool for Goiter Eradication Program. A hand wash becomes the driver of cleanliness in the country. It is called “higher purpose” which means the brand is much bigger than it appears. Today, marketing agencies build trends and campaigns based on this concept and establish the brand well whether it is in cinema advertising or print media.

As the year 2016 moves ahead, you should quickly formulate a strategy that will break earlier records. The trends mentioned above will you progress.

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