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Try Creating Immersive Consumer Experiences through Experiential Marketing

Try Creating Immersive Consumer Experiences through Experiential Marketing

Experiences have a more lasting impact on our minds as compared to visuals simply because we engage multiple senses in the former while the latter often demands use of just our vision. Companies have started to recognize this which is why you’ll see things like airport advertising in India growing at a rapid pace. Airport is an excellent medium to carry out experiential marketing and brand activation at airports will surely gain more and more importance in the eyes of the marketers.

Traditional advertising is often constrained by time on the part of the user or the medium where as people at airports usually have free time on their hands. Cinema advertising is also getting popular due to the same reason and driving sales for companies who are pursuing this route.

There are stalls and kiosks that give customers information about the product and let them use it on a trial basis there itself which urges them to buy it as they are familiar with it on a completely different level. Companies can also try experiential marketing at Pizza Hut to make their product or service stand out. The sheer footfall at these places should justify the expense put into the exercise and the numbers reflect that quite often.

Cinema advertising generally never has limited space constraints. In fact the ambience is very well suited for conducting brand activations e.g. Advertising at PVR can provide a company with lot more options as there are opportunities during the movie as well as before and after. Due to their enhanced movie watching experience, PVR cinemas advertising is a good showcasing opportunity for companies as the chain has a large number of people coming to them.

We can see but still not end up noticing something but when we touch and feel and interact with something for a larger duration of time, that interaction is not easily forgotten and creates a feeling of trust for the product. That is the essence of experiential marketing and also the reason why many companies are opening retail outlets even though most of their sales are online. Skepticism is a trait that is common to all and when someone is spending their hard-earned money, they like to know exactly what they are spending it on instead of regretting it later.

This also reduces the number of returns due to customer dissatisfaction for the company which is a win-win for everyone. Experiential marketing has survived the test of time and will continue to do so via multiple media.

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