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Unusual Ways To Reach The Right Audience

Unusual Ways To Reach The Right Audience

Let us start by saying, be it the best of times for your business or the worst, marketing will always be important. Because when the times are good, the opportunity of expansion presents itself making it a perfect time for your audiences to know about your product/service. And when the times are low, your expenditure on marketing should not be considered as an expense but more like an investment. Especially when the times are low even for your competitors (times like this), know that every business would want to cut down on their marketing budget, offering you more space to grab attention. 

Some of the best ways to get noticed by your target audiences and leaving a lasting impact on their memory is by using ambient media advertising and experiential marketing.   

Ambient media advertising is placed in unusual spaces and on unusual items. Its unusual placement works the best in catching the eyes of the audience. You can find ambient advertising anywhere outside your home, and the key to making it most effective is by choosing the right media and right message. Ambient advertising is the perfect tool to sustainably influence your TG. 

Some of the forms or mediums of ambient advertising can be supermarket marketing or advertising in restaurants. Marketing in supermarkets, especially if you are an FMCG brand. Because that is exactly where your target potential customers are and are there to buy. Through an innovative idea, supermarket marketing will easily strike the right cord. 

Now, let’s see how advertising in restaurants can help your business reach your audiences. 

Since people spend a lot of time in restaurants, you can surely hope to attract more eyeballs for your advertisement. The QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants) have numerous outlets throughout the country, and that makes it easier for you to run a countrywide campaign. Advertising in restaurants is a great way to reach out to your relevant TG and stay in their memory for a longer period of time.

Do you know how experiential marketing, aka engagement marketing, is different from all the other forms of marketing? It is the only way to allow your audiences to experience exactly what you want them to experience through your product. This has proven to offer an excellent immersive experience. And engagements like these where businesses truly connect with their audience, such experiences not easily forgotten.  

Khushi Ambient Media Solutions is one of the best experiential marketing agencies in India. It offers numerous types of creative experiential marketing solutions according to your product/service and your audience. Khushi Advertising offers unique and innovative ambient marketing solutions as well.


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