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Using Professional Services for Shopping Mall Advertising / Activation Campaigns

Using Professional Services for Shopping Mall Advertising / Activation Campaigns

Shopping malls present really excellent branding opportunities, ones that are very exclusive. Usual daily footfalls in popular shopping malls typically range up to a few thousands, even leaping to the value of lakhs on weekends at a big centre. Shopping mall advertising therefore offer excellent visibility and opens up fantastic marketing avenues by a set of varying methods together known as mall activation.

Shopping mall advertising strategies include spot marketing, flash mob activities, display packages, experiential marketing and leaflet distribution among other things. Independent third party marketing agencies accept promotional assignments at various package rates. Before selecting a competent advertising company in India, clients need to verify the following aspects categorically to make it a successful campaign with best results.

Position and placements
Advertising in shopping malls allow opportunities for focused localized marketing. You may have particular retailer preferences. It can deliver a substantial effect on viewer memory, thereby helping with sales growth. Besides the location of the mall, also verify internal locations availability. Display stands and banners are great to capture attention, as long as their position is conspicuous. Direct customer interactions are invaluable for lead generation.

Intelligent planning

It is simply not worth it to pay a lump-sum package and to find your ad stand placed at an obscure end of the 4th floor! It should be a very visible position, if possible at the entry floor, or somewhere in the most visited sections. Out of the box shopping mall advertising as placing ads on the escalator side boards, in elevators, etc. can help grab customer attention.
Furthermore, assess the benefits of innovative advertising in malls. Intelligent placements at strategic positions are crucial. Displaying your stand right in front of a competitor store may not be actually a good idea because people are already visiting that section to visit your competition! Your visibility naturally suffers.

Other concerns

Assess if your experiential marketing is generating value. Can your audience really understand what you have to say? In order to get the word around, companies arrange activities such as entertainment shows at the ground floor in the atrium, customized leaflet distribution and use of electric lighting for creating attraction. Check if they would be displaying the advert over giant TV and projector screens. Above all, always assess the duration of the available package and see if the pricing is reasonable. How long can you expect your fresh advertising to hold relevance? Decide the package based on the answer to this question.

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