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What are the benefits of advertising in Malls? How is it effective

What are the benefits of advertising in Malls? How is it effective


Today’s shopping malls are proving to be excellent advertising modes for grabbing the eyeballs of prospective customers. Following are some benefits of shopping mall advertising:

(i)  Targeting the customer when they are in the purchasing mind-set is the best way to get your brand message across.

(ii)  You can strengthen the story of your brand through an exciting advertising when customers are in a positive and receptive mood.

(iii)  The awakened interest of the customers can be converted into a sale as malls are venues that also offer products for sale.

(iv)  Placement of advertisements in shopping malls is bound to get maximum awareness and visibility.

(v)  More possibilities for making meaningful connections directly with the customer.

(vi)  High traffic locations of the mall are guaranteed to generate high footfall and hence brands can aim to achieve maximum reach and higher recall.

Shopping mall advertising is more effective due to the varied advertising tools that can be employed some of which are listed below.

Pillar Wraps: Highly space saving, innovative and novel form of advertising; this mode draws the immediate attention of the mall visitor. These poster brand displays are more effective than the traditional poster advertisements. Escalator wraps are another similar kind of advertising mode used effectively at shopping malls.

Backlit: Backlit provides life like brand exposure that is a sure eye-catcher and head turner. It helps to generate lasting impressions on the minds of the visitors.

Baggage Trolleys: Brand owners paste messages of their brand on mall trolleys in such a way that they can be easily seen and recognized by the customer. This mode is however, more often used at the airport terminals.

Table-top Food Court Ads: Food courts are other places at shopping malls which offer scope for effective brand messaging.

On a Concluding Note

Online shopping may have made things easier for the customers but it has been revealed by several studies that customers long for the retail experience. The thought of walking into a store, trying out a product you fancy or using it on the same day of purchase is appealing. Consumers love to frequent malls for several reasons like meeting up with friends or watching a movie alongside shopping; things which cannot be enjoyed through online shopping. From aisles to escalators and elevators…shopping malls offer ample scope for advertising.

So, take advantage of the mall visitor’s buying state of mind through effective advertising in shopping centres.


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