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What is Ambient Advertising?

What is Ambient Advertising?

What is Ambient Advertising?

The phrase ‘ambient’ refers to placing an advertisement in unique or unconventional locations where you wouldn’t expect to see one.

Ambient advertising is a method of promoting products or services by taking advantage of uncommon settings or goods, as well as their elements, as a communication channel. It entails creative advertising messaging, interaction with the target audience, and an emotional impact on customers.

Ambient advertising‘s goal is to surprise customers with its placement. Ambient advertising has an impact because it is strategically placed, has a wow factor, has a direct impact on customers’ minds, is an effective means of transmitting a message to target consumers, and so on. When you look at an ambient advertisement, the first thing that will strike your eye is its odd location. The fact that there is no recurrence is the second attribute of such advertising.

Another factor to consider is the execution.

Why should a brand choose ambient advertisement?

Ambient commercials are seen to be more effective than traditional outdoor advertising in terms of promoting a product. According to studies, billboard advertisers have roughly six seconds of a vehicle passenger’s attention, however innovative advertising can boost this figure to a minute or even more. It also improves the effectiveness of the ad and can be an important aspect of social media marketing. On one hand, marketers can produce an unorthodox commercial and use a hashtag to distribute it on social media while people, on the other hand, can photograph and film this creative advertising and share it on social media with the business’s hashtag, thus increasing brand awareness.


Advantages of Ambient Advertisement

  • Grabs attention
  • Can go viral
  • Low cost solution
  • Non-intrusive
  • Reaches a wider audience
  • Is memorable

Ambient advertising is a good approach to stand out in a world where there is a lot of advertising; as long as the advertising is innovative and unique. Ambient advertising can also be used on a shoestring budget. The conspicuousness and exceptional presentation draw attention, and can thus be realised if the budget is clear.

 Khushi Advertising helps with ambient advertising:


At the recently completed Asia-Pacific Customer Engagement Forum & Awards (CEF) 2015-2016 Awards, Khushi Advertising was named the “Most Admired Ambient Media Agency of the Year.”

The theme of this year’s CEF Awards was “The Power of Consumer Insights for Customer Engagement.

It should be mentioned that any marketing strategy must be well-planned and properly created in order to be successful. This is when the experience of India’s best media agency comes into play. Their knowledge, competence, and ability to effectively integrate numerous forms to convey a message will go a long way towards establishing a brand image and brand value for your brand. Allow your brand image to soar the high skies and leave a lasting impression on your prospects and customers. Make sure you use the best advertising agency that give your adverts that “wow factor”.

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