Importance of Airport Advertising?

What Is The Importance of Airport Advertising?

What Is The Importance of Airport Advertising?

Before we jump into the benefits of Airport Advertising, first, let’s find out what is Airport Advertising?

All the digital and static displays of advertisements that are placed inside and right outside domestic or international airports are a part of Airport Advertising. The facilities provided by airports like waiting lounges, restaurants, cafes, shopping stores offer a relaxed environment allowing the flyers to spend their time in peace and be more attentive to the communication presented creatively by various brands.

What is the importance of Airport Advertising and why should you do it?

When it comes to OOH (out of home) advertising, Airport Advertising is one of the best mediums to garner the attention of the target audience. Over the years, Airport Advertising has become a popular medium choice for Engagement Marketing campaigns, as it is a perfect medium for brands to interact with their target audience in an impactful way. And with the elevated lifestyle through the rise of income levels in the last one decade more and more people prefer aeroplanes over other modes of transportation for their travel. Needless to say, this inclination is awed to a lot more comfort, speed, and security of air travel. 

Some of the major reasons for the great benefits of Airport Advertising are:

  • Those who opt for air travel are usually the decision makers. Since the cost of air travel is comparatively higher than the other modes of transportation, making them the ones in the higher position in the hierarchy, be it homes, businesses, or professional lives. These decision makers pay more attention to airport advertisements


  • Air travellers are more excited and ready to take in more information. And with the availability of time and not too many things to do, people pay more attention to airport advertisements, especially when they are more innovative and stand out from the crowd. Ads displayed on airports are usually unmissable. 


  • Airport advertising gives maximum results on investment. It can offer great results for brand awareness and higher brand recall. It is also a great place to introduce new products or reinforce existing brands that can influence the purchase decision of the consumer. 


  • Getting the undivided attention of the audience is also a great advantage of Airport Advertising. Especially in the current times when people are always busy or are indulged in digital media, getting their attention is difficult. But since the travellers have to report at least two hours before the flight for their international travel, the flyer has no more choice than to pass the time. That is when they absorb the advertisements around them more attentively. 

We hope this information will be of some use to you. To get a creative Airport Advertising campaign for your brand, reach out to Khushi Advertising. It offers airport advertising space in over 33 biggest Airports in India. 

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