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Why Airports are your Perfect Venue for Experiential Engagements

Why Airports are your Perfect Venue for Experiential Engagements

One of the applications of experiential engagements is where the consumers are directly involved in the evolution of any product or brand. According to the ideology of the marketing companies, if a consumer is directly involved in the creation and marketing processes, then a strong bond of the consumer with that particular brand can be created. These experiential engagement procedures are carried on by none other than the media and advertising agencies. Such engagements can be done in many places, airports being one the best hotspots for such experiential engagements.

Why Airports?

Airport Advertising is considered to be one of the fastest growing advertising platforms in India. There are some obvious reasons behind it. When a person who is busy in his day to day life is shown any advertisement anywhere (be it on a screen or any poster or anywhere), that advertisement can’t get much attention. But in an airport, the case is different. For precautionary reasons, people generally arrive at least an hour early at the airport and wait for their flight patiently. In that one hour, the person is doing literally nothing. That’s the prime time for engagements.

If people see such advertisements in that free hour, they can connect with it more deeply than they usually do in other times. From this psychological aspect, the innovative media agencies make the consumers connect with their advertisement engagements. The top media agencies in India recommend the use of activation’s at airports. Generally, in airports, the top media agencies in India carry out their experiential engagements keeping in mind that an airport is one of the best places to advertise.

Why airport advertising in India is so popular?

The number of people traveling through airlines has seen an increase in manifolds in recent days. Thereby the number of airports has increased too and also the opportunity of airport advertising has seen a huge growth. Such promotions attract the attention of both international and national consumers. A fantastic opportunity for B2B companies to get their advertisement seen by a lot of people travelling for business purpose.

Experiential marketing is one of the promotional activities that have gained popularity in the past few years. Experiential advertising in airports includes scrolling displays, wall wraps, plasma panels, state of the art LED, dioramas, luggage pushcarts, and free-standing kiosks, and so on.


Being technologically advanced, the innovative media agencies are using experiential engagements in airports by which the consumers, as well as the companies too, benefit. From a consumer’s point of view, with such airport advertising, they are becoming more aware of the insights of a brand or product. From a company’s point of view, airport advertising is enabling them to attract more consumers and as a result, more sales.

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