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Why Cinema Advertising is Effective?

Why Cinema Advertising is Effective?


Cinema advertising is a highly effective medium in any business owner’s marketing calendar. Following reasons tell you why:

Attentive Audience

No mode other than cinema advertising can hold the unrivalled attention of the viewer. The viewer voluntarily walks in to the cinema hall to watch a movie of his choice and advertisements are regarded as a part of the overall cinema watching experience. And he can give 100% of his attention while watching the advertisements unlike other modes of advertising.

Big Screen Effect

The extensive screen and superb audio system act as tremendous props while designing a cinema ad. You can also choose a longer time slot for your cinema ad unlike the costlier TV ad spots and create a superb narrative. Advertising in QUBE cinemas makes a lasting impact on the viewer.

Targeted Viewership

It is easier to determine the movie audience depending upon the location of the cinema hall, the movie type that is being screened, time slots of the movie and the mode of payment. Movie audience is largely younger than audiences of TV and hence, you can target your product and service accordingly. If your campaign matches the audience perfectly then you are assured of a 10X impact and highest recall.

Higher Recall

Movie audiences may make for small numbers compared to those for remaining media modes but they have high engagement levels. Cinema ads are processed in a very conscious manner by the brain and therefore they tend to have higher recall value. Cinema ads can hence be very powerful in strengthening the value of a brand.

Big Audience Effect

Movie goers visit cinema halls normally in groups ranging from 2 onwards. Group viewing takes place and the impact of it is reflected through heightened emotions. A sad event becomes very moving while a funny incident becomes hysterical. This audience effect ensures that the experienced moments become retainable and in fact memorable. No wonder Advertising in QUBE cinemas is highly successful.

Environmental Prospects

Cinema advertising is not restricted to the big screen alone. There are a host of advertising opportunities waiting to be tapped like parking billboards, back of the ticket, popcorn tubs and so on. Several companies can embark on experiential marketing or product sampling in the open spaces or lobbies of the cinema halls.

On a Concluding Note

Looking at the several above advantages you can summarize that inclusion of PVR cinemas advertising in your media budget is a must for maximum exposure of your brand.


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