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Why Your Brand Reach Will Fly High Through Airport Advertising?

Why Your Brand Reach Will Fly High Through Airport Advertising?

Airports are not a medium to travel luxuriously anymore. After the launch of the UDAN scheme under which consumers can enjoy discounted flight tickets, young India is flying more often. Despite this increase in passenger traffic, new, young, and mid-level brands are not preferring airport advertising. There is a misconception among company marketeers that airport marketing costs a lot and does not yield targeted results. But when one has a solid strategy of Airline marketing that uses location-based targeting, achieving results is possible.

Apart from this advantage of opting for airline marketing, the following are the benefits of why your brand needs airport advertising;

  • Tapping into a receptive audience

Generally, frequent travelers prefer flights because of easy and fast transitions. These audiences either belong to middle-class families or upper-middle-class families with a certain amount of capacity to spend on new experiences or products. So, these classes of the audience are always open to try new things whether it be a product or service. And this behavior becomes a buying habit through airline advertising

  • Digital displays

It’s a unique form of airport advertising that is not only available in metro city airports but also available in tier I and tier II cities of India. It might cost a little more than print media for airline marketing. But digital displays leave space for more creativity. Also, there are high chances of your ad being noticed if you use video ads as a mode of airport advertising as travelers wait a lot for their flights at the airport. 

  • Location-specific targeting

The great Indian consumer has a culturally diverse different persona. So, targeting different types of customers with different creative ads plays a crucial role in the success of your brand. Through airline advertising, you can target these diverse audiences based on their native region. Even tier III cities provide amazing opportunities to tap on the region-specific consumer because small city youngsters are constantly traveling back and forth from their hometown to metro cities.

After the wave of COVID-19, airports have tightened their safety and security protocols. Moreover, consumers prefer air travel over train or bus because of hygiene standards. So, here lies a great opportunity to popularise your brand and products/services through airport marketing.

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