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With the success of multiplex, cinema advertising is a preferred medium

With the success of multiplex, cinema advertising is a preferred medium

Cinema advertising in India has seen a series of transformations in last fifty years. From the most primitive method of announcing the release of the films in Auto Rickshaw or bullock carts, it has traversed to the world of online promotions, star-cast visit, and integrations. Certainly the journey has been quite exciting and happening. Marketing gurus derive new and Innovative advertising ideas to take the utmost benefit of publicity in single-screen cinema halls and multiplex.
The recent multiplex boom in India has increased the footfalls as variety of Regional, Bollywood & Hollywood films are showcased every week. This is also driving cinema advertising growth as an “advertising medium” where brands are getting an opportunity to target this premium cinema audience

Direct or indirect promotion, it is always successful Why is cinema so popular?

Movies are made for the big screen. With 3D, IMAX, 4DX, & HD screens and Dolby surround sound multiplexes & single screen cinemas are experiencing big growth in footfalls. These cinemas charge a hefty price per ticket and luckily audience don’t mind paying for the experience they get. It’s the disposable income group & fans who flock theaters, who don’t mind paying a high ticket price for a memorable experience. Latching on this opportunity, cinema advertising campaigns are designed using unusual and innovative Experiential Marketing Ideas.

Studies indicate that it is an all-time hit formula of a 360 degree cinema advertising campaign including on-screen, branding & activations inside the multiplex property

Marketers prefer to target their communications in cinema halls, malls and multiplexes as a sure shot success formula as they get their disposable income group in these avenues. Lot of promotions are made unique with clutter-free innovations to entice the target audience.

Cinema advertising has become the obvious choice with a 360 degree strategy across the targeted multiplex & single screen cinemas
While other ways of promotions need a lot of money, it is quite cost-effective to make use of movie halls to popularize a product. The only thing is, promotions have to be innovative and catchy. Khushi Advertising brings these cinema advertising advantages along with their innovations and experiential marketing ideas. It is one of the leading ambient media agency in India offering cinema promotions to numerous brands. The team is dynamic and enthusiastic, and their ideas are quite catchy.

Other than in-cinema branding and advertising, Khushi Ambient Media Solutions also specializes in other marketing activities with engaging ideas like bulk ticket bookings with meet and greet strategies in multiplex for clients who can invite their dealers & customers for a memorable business & entertainment event.

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