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Extending Brand Awareness through Airport Advertisement

Extending Brand Awareness through Airport Advertisement

In today’s world, advertising is a key component for any company to stand out from the rest of its competitors. More and more companies are aware about this, thus spending a large amount of money on advertising, be it through digital media, ambient advertising (Advertising at Malls, Multiplexes, Airports, and Hypermarkets) or traditional advertising, the list is endless.

Brand promotion companies are always trying to find new and more creative ways to promote their clients. A lot of commercial brands benefit from innovative advertising as it stands out and gets the attention of their target group.

Airports are an excellent place to advertise your brand as airports are often seen as good business hubs since a lot of influential, affluent and business people travel by flights. Thus, airport advertising has become a key component of advertising tactics and is being adopted by the top media agencies in India. Airports have long proven to be an effective canvas that can stimulate any commercial brand.

Any advertisement should reach out to as many people so as to maximize the sales. If an ad is not noticed by the majority of the people, then its creation becomes futile. Since more and more people are traveling by air, the chances of an advertisement being noticed have also gone up. Since airports have a huge footfall, it is one of the best locations for any brand to advertise and make people aware of the company, thus making airports one of the best catchment areas since the target audience belongs to affluent families, businessmen, NRIs, foreign and Indian tourists.

LED board, Back-lit flex, wall hoardings, drop-downs and activation’s are strategically placed at the desired locations so as to maximise the attention any ads get. Depending on your location, you can promote your brand. Airport advertising can be carried out at all and any domestic as well as international airports

Surat airport advertising is fast growing in terms of Ambient Advertising. Along with the usual products, the adverts here include information about sightseeing spots to visit, best eateries, best hotels etc. Chandigarh airport advertising also contributes to airport advertising business. Since Chandigarh is a planned city, it is very popular among domestic and international passengers and is frequently visited. Amritsar airport advertising is achieving success like never before. The total number of passengers is increasing constantly. It is perfect for brand promotions and is a buzzing place.

A few points must be taken care of while advertising at airports. The advertisement should be placed at such places where travellers usually stop while waiting for their flight or places that will be definitely seen by a large number of people.  A few good locations to display ads are lobbies, waiting areas, VIP lounges, departure and arrival terminals, eating areas, ticketing areas, baggage claim areas, etc.

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