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Top 3 Cinema Chains In India

Top 3 Cinema Chains In India

Multiplexes have re-defined the movie going experience for cinegoers. Today a visit to the multiplex goes beyond merely spending the stipulated movie run time at the cinema, to enjoying a complete experience of comfort, luxury, ambience and a delectable F&B spread to boot. There are a number of multiplex chains in India, each vying to entice the new age cinegoer. Here are the top 3 which have created an indelible mark in the multiplex industry in India.

1.   PVR

PVR is the largest and the most premium film and retail entertainment company in India. Its umbrella of multiplexes currently covers 553 screens with 121 multiplexes in major cities in India making it a truly pan-Indian multiplex chain.

It started operations in 1997 with a single property in New Delhi and today, it is amongst the top 10 cinema exhibition companies in the world.

PVR cinemas, is the largest and the most premium film entertainment company and is listed as India’s Most Trusted and Most Attractive brand consecutively for three years since 2013 in the Category of Entertainment and Display.

They offer a range of cinema watching experience catering to every patron’s need through various cinema formats varying from PVR Talkies to PVR Director’s Cut. They boast of having the latest technology, the most sought after content, world class ambience and scrumptious F&B services, world class architecture and infrastructure at the best of locations in the city.

PVR has acquired Cinemax and more recently DT cinemas, making it the largest multiplex chain in the country.

2.   INOX

INOX currently operates 428 screens in major cities across India. All INOX cinemas have state of the art facilities in terms of modern projection and acoustic systems, interiors of international standards, and high service standards.

Renowned for its world class technology, high levels of hygiene, a wide spectrum of movie offerings and most importantly high service standards, INOX is the one of the most preferred destinations of movie-goers.

Since its inception in 1999, INOX has been active in exploring acquisition and / or expansion opportunities on continuous basis with a view to consolidate its position in the multiplex industry. INOX acquired Calcutta Cine Pvt. Ltd., Fame India Limited and Satyam Cineplexes Ltd., thereby strengthening its presence to be a significant player in the Indian multiplex space and redefine the movie going experience in India.

3.   Cinépolis

Cinépolis India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cinépolis and is the 1st international exhibitor in India. The company started its operations in India in 2009 at Amritsar and currently operates 240 screens under the brand names of Cinépolis, Cinépolis VIP and Fun Cinemas. Cinépolis has collaborated with global visual technology company RealD Inc. to provide 3D technology across its multiplexes. Cinépolis has 100% digital projection across its screens in India. Apart from acquiring Fun Cinemas, Cinépolis has chosen to grow organically and has reached more than 100 screens in less than five years.

Khushi works closely with each of these cinema chains in the cinema advertising space.  Advertising in cinemas helps you reach targeted consumers with innovative messages that engage moviegoers in a highly effective manner. Cinema offers you scope to reach out to your TG through multiple touch points. These contact points put together can help a marketer to create a roadblock campaign in cinema.

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