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What is Innovative Advertising?

What is Innovative Advertising?

Can you ever imagine buying a product based off of a boring advertisement you just saw? The answer is a universal no, no one can. The prime reason advertising exists is to attract a viewer’s attention with eye catching visuals so that they buy your product or service. In today’s age of cut-throat advertising, it is important to stand out by using innovation. Innovative advertising ensures you leave a lasting impression on a viewer’s mind which eventually translates to sales. 

Innovative Advertising 101

Innovative advertising is coming up with out-of-the-box ideas related to the content of the ads and their placement in a physical/digital space. Where you place your advertisement is as important as what you write in it. Imagine creating an awesome advertisement that no one sees! It defeats the very purpose of advertising. It is therefore important to come up with innovative ideas to place your ads in an environment where people can easily see them. 

Example Of Innovative Advertising

There are many great examples of innovative advertising that have done much more for the brand than what they initially set out to do. An example that comes to mind is of that of ‘Fearless Girl’ by State Street Global Advisors. An investment fund based in New York, State Street wanted to invest in companies with predominantly female leadership. The larger message they wanted to convey was that in the future, there won’t be female leaders, there’ll just be leaders. They wanted to propagate the idea of leadership being gender neutral. 

They didn’t stop at investing in female dominant companies. On Women’s Day in 2017, they brought out the Fearless Girl statue on the streets of New York to promote the power of women. This physical statue created 4.6 billion Twitter impressions and 745 million Instagram impressions! This is a stellar example of innovative advertising where the brand succeeded in receiving engagement, raising awareness and leaving a lasting impression in a viewer’s mind with its innovation. 

Khushi Ambient – A Leader In Innovative Advertising

If it’s ambient, it’s Khushi! Our tagline sums it all up. Be it malls, airports, hangout spots or multiplexes, Khushi brings its expertise and consummate skills to design the most innovative advertising campaigns to create a long lasting impression for your brand. We are the go-to agency for achieving activations at 350+ malls, 2700+ multiplex screens and 30+ airports in India with our focus on excellence and innovation. We even provide advertising opportunities at cafes and supermarkets. Trust us to grab a viewer’s attention with our years of experience, cutting-edge technological advancement and fresh ideas. With Khushi Ambient, reach the right audience at the right time with our innovative advertising services. 

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