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Why Airport Branding is effective? Reasons you should know why it works

Why Airport Branding  is effective? Reasons you should know why it works


Airport Marketing is one of the niches where an advertiser can get the maximum visibility and results. Airports are frequented by high income and upscale travellers and your best chance to get their attention is when they are waiting to board their flights. Advertising in shopping centres should gear up to utilize this opportunity to be visible to their target audience. Airport Branding is an exciting opportunity to display the products of premier brands to people who have the highest probability of using them.

Here are some of the reasons why airport advertising can be such an effective medium;

(i)  Airport advertising taps into excited and alert customers. Airport passengers happen to be an excited, alert and receptive audience who are in a captive setting. Travel puts people in a positive mindset and advertisers have the best chance to display their wares to an audience that is going to receive the message in a positive manner.

(ii)  Airport passengers are an affluent bunch. They often travel internationally and are well to do. In such an environment passengers see shopping as a natural extension of their time and as such they receive advertisements well. There is a heightened chance of that they may invest in high end products like electronics and luxury products.

(iii)  The airport is filled with passengers who are high flying professionals and they are in a receptive frame of mind. They are often on their way to and from business meetings. They tend to focus on their work and are also tuned into the messages that advertisers show in the airport.

(iv)  Airport Branding uses the context of the airport to add perceived brand value to the products. Passengers associate the airport with a top notch lifestyle, and advertisers are quick to implement this with a range of high end products. These products add to the impression of a high flying lifestyle.

(v)  The airport lounge environment takes people away from daily routines. The prospect of travel puts people in a heightened and excited state. The effect of this is that people are welcoming brand advertisement and they keep it in their memories for a longer period of time.

(vi)  At the airport, advertisers have the opportunity to engage with potential customers who at any other time would be too distracted to see the advertisements. In a captive setting, brands have the maximum chance to make a telling impression on the minds of consumers.


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