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One of the most frequently visited places for many urban youngsters and families today is a shopping mall. What can be a better place to hang out with your friends and family than a mall? It’s the best escape from the scorching heat outdoors in a country like India, where the weather is hot for most part of the year in most parts of the country. It offers great ambience and comfort where you can leisurely spend time and simultaneously shop. Plus, malls have stores selling the best of brands in all categories, be it clothing, accessories, footwear, electronics, jewellery, food and beverage…. You name it and a mall has all these and more.

Today’s youth is very conscious about what they wear, where they wish to eat, what accessories they want to own, etc. Everybody wants to be trendy. Also, with rising disposable incomes, families consider malls as an outing where every family member gets to shop, eat and have fun all below one roof.

Marketers are using this avenue to target these groups, be it families or youngsters, by coming up with innovative promotional ideas in the mall premises. As a marketer, there are so many ways of advertising in malls. Mentioned below are a few of the options.

Branding – there are innumerable spots within or outside a mall where you can showcase your brand. Be it the glass façade outside or standees and danglers inside, your options are plenty. Even elevators, escalators, washrooms and parking areas can be branded.

Innovations – the options are as many as your imagination lets you conceive. You can attract audiences with an innovative 3D hologram or an OPD screen. This is sure to draw attention of all the people passing through that area.

Experiential Marketing – Malls are one of the best places to engage your audience. You can conceptualise and execute any activity which is either for an individual shopper or for a crowd. E.g. a one-on-one engagement with an individual shopper where you actually let him see the product. Depending on the product, a customer can even touch, smell, taste or hear it. Hence all the senses of the customer can be triggered through such an activity. Alternatively you can gather a group of people and run a contest or a promotional campaign.

For marketers who wish to achieve maximum advantage of this medium, Khushi has the best solutions. We help you not just for advertising in shopping centres but give you many shopping mall promotion ideas too. Khushi is the fastest growing mall advertising agency in India. We understand your promotion objectives and prepare comprehensive plans for all your shopping mall advertising needs.


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